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//Yannik is a photographer from Zürich, Switzerland, who works as a fulltime software engineer in the radio therapy area, writing applications for physicians. It was his wife who “infected” him with the photography virus, which he finds a perfect creative outlet. He shared a series of photographs from a performance by Circus Conelli at the Bauschänzli in Zürich.

“My wife had a DSLR that she almost never used. On our first holiday together I started trying photography and was hooked. Some years later I also started with drone videos and photos. Photography is a perfect thing for me to combine my interest in technical things and my creativity,” Yannik says.

“Nothing is what one thinks it is. Cloth is stone and circus is an art. There are no certainties.”

Walter Moers

What draws you to the arts?

“Expressing one self with whatever means (sound, image, etc). Showing emotions and feelings in a very obscure way.”

What did you like best about photographing this circus show?

“It was very challenging to get good images in the fast changing light. I like the glamour atmosphere in the circus, it is like being in a dream.”

Circus Conelli is a Swiss circus company that has been entertaining audiences for over three decades. Founded in 1984 by the Swiss clown “Monti”, Circus Conelli has become known for its intimate and magical performances that showcase the talents of some of the world’s most talented circus performers. Circus director Christoph Muntwyler – Clown Monti’s son – now leads the family business. The circus never used exotic animals, it previously involved domestic animals like goats, donkeys, sheep, geese, etc, but since 2011, no animals at all are used in performances.

The circus performs in a beautiful circus tent, which creates a cozy and magical atmosphere for the audience. The shows feature a variety of typical circus acts, including acrobatics, juggling, aerial performances, and clowning, all set to live music, and with a sometimes poetic mood. Circus Conelli has received critical acclaim for its high-quality productions and has become a beloved institution in Switzerland’s cultural scene.

Yannik came to Circus Conelli 4 times for a photo shoot, initially as a visitor, then 3 times as officially hired photographer. “After the first visit as guest I sent the director some sample pictures and asked if he would be interested in me taking more photos of the show. I was somewhere in the middle frontal to the manege entry. For the last shooting I was in the last seat row. Most photos were taken at 70mm and 85mm, one was taken with 24mm from the last seat row. It was really challenging with the fast and extreme changes in light situation and also fast movement of the actors in some performances.”

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