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// Laine is not only a photographer, but also a teacher of English and religious studies and a part time model. Based in Stockholm Sweden, she has an artistic approach that combines photography with writing. The conceptual series on mannequins she shared with us was directly inspired by her experiences as a model.

Laine started started playing around with her father´s system camera in the 1980’s and eventually got her own SLR, but the more artistic approach to photography didn’t come about until the phone cameras became a natural way to incorporate photography into her daily life. Initially focused on composition in architecture photography, she branched out into abstract and street. Her career as a model required her to have a social media presence, and so through her Instagram account, Laine began expanding her photographic interest and network. “My goals with my photography and writing are simply to enjoy spending time in that creative space, where anything and everything can happen, and invite viewers/readers to have their own experience.”

Various forms of art and creativity, be it drawing, making clothes, writing and photography have always been part of Laine´s life. “I’m told I get this from my grandmother who would paint, design and make clothes and furnishings; seeing her always doing something artistic really inspired me,” she told us. “I don’t have a favourite quote; I suppose I don’t think of art in terms of words, specific quotes; I respond to art in the way it makes me feel when I’m exposed to it. The closest thing to a quote could be a motto, Get amongst it!

We have, however, found a quote we find suitable for this series.

“I like to be human and not lose myself in becoming a mannequin, which people in showbiz are accused of.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
(Indian actress and Miss World)

What draws you to the arts?

“The attraction of being exposed to art, be it paintings, dance, installations, photography, or other art forms, is the opportunity to experience feelings and emotions outside the realm of your life, things that you can recognise and relate to or things completely outside of the sphere of your experience.

Practising art also gives you this opportunity, though you don’t know what will unfold when you start; photography is a process that I actively start but then it takes me somewhere, gives me a new experience. Writing is the same; I enjoy accompanying my photos with a story when I post them on Instagram; images in themselves spark a story but I also really like creating a story that takes the observer in a completely different direction. Something that fascinates me is how the subjects of both photography and writing, having got life in the art sphere, live on, and I think about them from time to time, wonder how they’re doing. ”

What do you like best about the conceptual photography project you shared with us?

“Street photography, which I do the most, is about observing and capturing life, moments, stories; with the mannequins it’s about giving life, moments, stories to them so this has been a fascinating project, one that I’m sure that I’ll continue with. ”

As a model Laine enjoys the creative interaction with the photographer, the expression of emotions and moods. From observing the surroundings, the clothes and the make up she likes to think up back stories for the character she is representing on any given day. From the perspective of the model as a subject, not an object, she strives to do the same with the mannequins in her conceptual photography series. She makes them subjects, not objects, giving them life, a story and emotions that the viewer can connect to.

We recommend visiting Laine´s Instagram account and reading the captions under her photos. They are intriguing short stories relating to the subjects of her photos, and they invariably provide amusement and excursions into fantastic – and certainly very human – worlds.

Photos may be cropped for layout. Click on the photos to see the full images.


Visit Laine´s Instagram gallery for more amazing photos (and fun stories – with Laine, it is definitely worth reading the captions!).

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