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// Kobi is based in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been creating art for as long as he can remember. Art, he says, can help you deal with anything. He is not “only” a photographer, but also a painter, creating large murals, and a designer. He enjoys producing light painting images and has shared a set.

“Taking photos, drawing, painting, I have always been interested in all mediums. Eventually I hope to have a solo show of just my photography as well as be able to land some major photography projects whether that’s shooting a movie or shooting photos for a big name company,” says Kobi.

He is currently working solely as an independent artist with commissions, which includes painting, photography, graphic design, and mural work. In the past he owned his own apparel business in which he made designs and printed them, but his focus now is on getting into more of the mural world, as he enjoys the scale and process involved.

“Art isn’t a competition” is something I try to think about often because it seems easy to get lost in the mode of competing with others. As a naturally competitive person, I try to remember that we are all here to build off of each other, make new discoveries, and support each other.”

Kobi Nolan

What draws you to the arts?

“Creating art has provided me with so much in my life. The process of creating can be peaceful but also very challenging. I love this because it can help you through tough times and it can push you to find new ways of thinking. Some work requires planning and patience while other processes can be quick and spontaneous. This leads to experiences that translate to how you deal with the world, which I believe can help you manage anything in life.” 

What do you like about painting with light?

“I love creating this work because I never know what the end result will look like. It is a very interactive process as I use my whole body to move around the light source in an attempt to draw in the air. The idea of uncertainty despite any planning presents exciting results.”

This series is about the manipulation of light to create new forms that function within reality. Kobi utilizes a long exposure technique to essentially draw with light.

“Some of the images I have used a steel wool process on, the others I actually invested in a high quality light saber because I knew the color would be dispersed well and work nicely as a sort of light stick. In the future I plan on covering portions of it up to create different sized strokes or multiple strokes. I think the results from the light saber work really well, so I’m very happy with that investment!” 

Hopefully Kobi´s work with light can inspire other artists to experiment with such techniques as well.


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To see more of his photography and his art visit Kobi´s website or Kobi’s Instagram page