Photo Challenge

We challenge you!

Use the current challenge hashtag to enter your photos on Instagram.


You have asked us if we do challenges, and we have come up with a thematic idea for our very first photo challenge.

We challenge you to post photos that emulate the themes and moods that are present in the paintings of Edward Hopper. Edward Hopper was especially interested in the light on the buildings and on the figures he painted. Most of Hopper’s figure paintings focus on the subtle interaction of human beings with their environment—solo figures, couples, or groups, with his primary emotional themes being solitude, loneliness, boredom, in various commonplace often urban environments, including the office, in public places, in apartments, on the road, or in hotels.

//Post your photos on Instagram using #smc_hopper//

Deadline for posting is 20 May 2021. Back-tagging your suitable earlier posts is allowed. Colour-photography only, no paintings or drawings please.

We will post our favourites in our Instagram gallery and right here on our website

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